About Us

​   ​Guelph Academy of Music

Free Music Assessment and Introductory Lesson!

Please, contact us to arrange a free music assessment and introductory lesson where your child or you will be assessed for interest in music and basic music skills such as sense of rhythm, sense of pitch and motoric skills.

Your first lesson is on us! We will make sure that it is both fun and educational!

We offer professional private and group instruction in a piano, voice, guitar (electric, acoustic, classical, bass), drums, violin and theory rudiments to students in the Guelph, Ontario area. Our goal is to help both children and adults express their passion for music.

Our team of instructors are motivated by their love of music and the passion to transfer their knowledge and skills to others so their creativity and talent can shine.

Guelph Academy of Music is dedicated to promoting musical education for children in our community and providing both parents and students with the necessary tools and support to make this education experience a success

How our classes work:
30, 45 and 60 minutes private lessons
1 hour group lessons
same teacher every week
customized lessons to meet the needs of all students