​   ​Guelph Academy of Music

Music lessons at Guelph Academy of Music are held in a professional environment and taught by experienced and highly qualified instructors.

Lesson rates
60 minute group lesson $22.00
30 minute private lesson $26.00
45 minute private lesson $38.00   
60 minute private lesson $50.00

Senior rates
30 minute private lesson $25.00  

Lessons Schedule
Music courses are available all year round. Classes during summer months are also available and students will be accommodated individually according to their schedules. 

Loaner instruments, if required, will be provided to students, at no charge, for the first 9 weeks of lessons in the trial period. A nominal deposit fee or major credit card will be required. Instrument rental plans available after the Trial Period.

Students of the Guelph Academy of Music are encouraged to participate in concerts, recitals, festivals and other community events.

 Examinations are offered to all students. 

Lesson Payment
Lesson payments are due monthly in advance, on the last week of the previous month.  Payments can be made by:           E-Transfer, Debit, Credit Card, Cash or Cheque.  No postdated cheques are accepted; $25 fee will be charged for any returned cheque (NSF).

Payment for instruction materials
Pay for music instruction materials when required

 Lesson attendance
Students are required to attend lessons on a weekly basis and follow the program guidelines. Absence does not excuse payment.  24 hour notice is required to qualify for a make-up lesson, limit 4 make-up lessons per school year.