​   ​Guelph Academy of Music

Guelph Academy of Music is proud to offer lessons in piano, guitar, voice, drums, violin and music theory to students living in the Guelph community. Our highly trained teachers are required to undergo background checks to work with vulnerable persons. Our teachers are engaging and dedicated to making music education fun for all our students.

 The programs we provide include: 

The Classroom Music for Little Mozarts (ages 4-5 years)
This program is designed to provide classroom music instruction for four and five year old. It is a comprehensive approach to musical learning that develops singing, movement and listening skills simultaneously with an introduction to musical concepts and styles. It prepares students for studying piano in the Music for Little Mozarts program, where each lesson will include a variety of activities chosen from keyboard performance, singing, music appreciation, colouring, movement, listening, rhythm, and the use of magnetic/dry-erase board.
Group or private lessons available


Music for Little Mozarts
This program combines general musicianship activities with those that develop performance skills at the piano. Skills taught in the course focus on rhythm, movement, and music appreciation. Children will play music pieces at the piano throughout each level.
Group or private lessons are available 

Piano Lessons for Children 6 years and older
This step by step course incorporates the basic beginner piano concepts from hands position, posture, keyboard notes location, note reading, learning rhythm patterns to developing musicality and practice habits. Students follow the Guelph Academy of Music curriculum based on the Alfred’s Basic Piano method, supplemented with selections of current, popular music in various styles arranged according to student’s level.

We also prepare students to take the Royal Conservatory of Music examinations.    

Private or Group lessons available

Voice/Singing Classes

Our voice instructors develop students’ vocal technique through warm up exercises, breathing exercises, and pitch exercises. Our students enjoy learning their favourite songs they choose or follow the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum and we prepare for RCM examinations.
Private lessons available  


Guitar (children 6 years and older)
Students learn basic to advanced guitar techniques along with learning all necessary music theory aspects which allows them to play music in various styles. The focus is on giving students the music theory and technique foundation so they will be able to explore various music styles on their own.
Individual or group lessons are offered to all students enrolled in this program
Private or Group lessons available 

Classical Guitar Classes
The program focuses on the guitar finger style technique, with elements of Spanish and flamenco music.  Available Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum and preparation for the RCM examinations.
Private lessons available

Adult Music Instruction
Currently we offer music instruction for Adults and Seniors who want to learn how to play Piano, Guitar or improve their Singing skills. 

Family discounted rates for parents enrolled in our music programs! 
Private or group (guitar) lessons available

Music Theory
Currently we offer and prepare students to take the RCM examinations in the following theory courses:

  • Preliminary Rudiments-Basic
  • Grade 1 Rudiments-Intermediate
  • Grade 2 Rudiments-Advanced 

Private lessons available

Drum lessons
Private lessons available

June 15, 2020-

Please, note that due to Covid-19 distancing requirements, at this point we offer only private lessons  

Free of Charge Loaner Instruments
Loaner instruments, where required, will be provided to students, at no charge, for the first 9 weeks of lessons in the trial period. A nominal deposit fee or major credit card will be required. Rental instrument plans are available at discounted student rates after the Trial Period.